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The Celebration Continues + Behind the Design and Message

It's hard to believe that we have been in business a year! It's surreal how fast time flies. When we opened our shop last March, it was right before the world was transformed by a pandemic and the threat of total economic collapse. Those were scary and uncertain times, for sure! But, in spite of the challenges and transitions, we are grateful for our customers (YOU) for your unwavering support!

As we continue to celebrate, we want to highlight the purpose of our tees. Simply put: We see our shirts as tools to spread the message of God's love in a way that is minimalist and clean. They serve as a reminder of how transformational love is. That's why the inspiration from

1 Peter 4:8 is so important. There is so much power in this verse!

Why is this truth so important to you and me? Because it deals with RELATIONSHIPS. Relationships are the central part of who we are as humanity. And, whether we realize it, we are in constant relationship (ultimately with God, our creator) but absolutely with others.

However, because of our "humanness," at some point there will be a sin. I understand that the term "sin" can make people tune out. No one likes to hear, see or talk about sin. But in it's simplest term (although it's not to be taken lightly), sin is an offense. Offenses are created by us or done to us. How we choose to proceed when an offense occurs matters.

This is where LOVE enters. Taking a look at 1 Corinthians 13, we see that love:

•is Patient

• is Kind

• is Honorable

• is Forgiving

• is Humble

• gives Hope

Love is transformational.

But what about a love that covers sin? A cover, as referred to in this text means to "blot out." It does not condone the offense. It surrenders the "right" to get even. Think of it as someone owing a debt and the "tab being paid." The offense no longer exists. You are allowed to move forward by letting go.

If we're honest, we can admit that it takes FAITH to believe that love never fails. Responding with love, whether with family, friends or any relationship takes an intentional act to cultivate. But, the amazing thing is we have the power to do just that!

Imagine what our hearts, homes, communities (an ultimately, the world) would look like if we applied the principle in 1 Peter 4:8 daily. We hope our tees are a great way to encourage you live this out!

To continue our 1 year anniversary, we are gifting you with two complimentary downloads from our new collection of printables with the scripture from 1 Peter 4:8 in Mauve and White. We would love to see pics of these in you home or work space!

Visit our shop to see the whole collection here: Printable Downloads

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