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[hăr‡ədē] noun 1. [countable] materials or parts of a building that do not move. a building made of metal, concrete, and glass. 2. a building designed to house a business or other commercial enterprise, as a warehouse, office, or factory. 3. a set of implements that are essential for doing a job: an electrician's hardware. 4. materials that are part of a machine; as, a pair of pliers is a handy man's hardware. 5. the equipment used to make a product or to make a job or task easier. 6. a person who provides services for another's benefit, as a handyman or plumber. 7. nautical. the parts of a vessel that are in the water. [countable] 8. materials or parts of a machine: the hardware of an engine. 9. a number or a set of values that represents a measurement: a hardware-level gauge. 10. the measurements taken from the ends of a length of wire or cable to determine the length of the wire: a hardware test. [countable] 11. a piece of equipment used to control a device: to switch off the hardware in the printer. 12. (in computing) data, instructions, and other information that help a computer to work. 13. [countable] the part of a computer or other electronic device that a user interacts with: my hardware is really outdated. 14. software that helps a computer work, as a video card. 15. the surface on which a building is built, or the surface that a building is built on. 16. [countable] any of the building materials of a structure: a restaurant that was built of concrete and steel. 17. [countable] a building designed to house a business or other commercial enterprise. 18. the location of a business or other commercial enterprise. 19. the location of buildings or other objects; a city street: the hardware store is on Main Street. 20. the location of a home, as a building or lot, or of a specific home, as a residence. 21. [countable] the parts that make up a mobile phone, such as a battery, screen





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