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Stop Letting Doubt & Fear Hinder You!

Imagine investing in a vinyl cutter and heat press machine, hoping to make some jersey names and numbers for your spouse's youth basketball team in order to save money, but in years time start a t-shirt business that inspires others through the message of God's love. That is what I did. In fact, my very first design wasn't for a jersey or a t-shirt. I made an image of the words "Love Covers" for a picture frame (in 2016) that I still own and have hanging on my wall. And, as you may already know, it serves as the name for my shop.

Crafting has always been an outlet of creativity for me. In many ways it's fun but it can also be challenging...especially if you decide to create for the enjoyment of others. There is a thrill in taking on the challenge of turning an idea into something tangible and good. If you consider yourself to be good in your craft, then, you are left with the questions: Can I turn this into something bigger? Like a business?

In 2020, I decided to take the leap from hobby to business. But, I'll be honest, I plagued myself with doubt for months before ever deciding to "press GO!" I doubted my ability to make something valuable, well received or even...different! This very blog you're reading took months of me pondering my writing abilities.

So, if you feel or have felt this way, you are not alone! BUT, don't let your feelings of doubt and fear prevent you from moving FORWARD! Acknowledge your feelings, but don't linger in them. Whatever the desire in your heart is to create or do, trust the process and be willing to go through it.

Here are 5 ways to Move Forward through Doubt + Fear

  1. Don't be afraid to fail! Because at some point, you will. When you do, learn, grow and adapt. Make changes and get better.

  2. Don't be discouraged by a saturated market. Can I be real?? I make t-shirts. The fact that the apparel market has so many businesses was one of those nagging thoughts that I constantly had to fight off. But realize that no one has YOUR story. Could it be similar? Sure! But, no one can narrate it like you! Make connections and relationships through your story and people will see your value and support you.

  3. Understand that not everyone will support you or your endeavors. And, this is ok! Please don't take it personal. It only sets your heart up for bitterness. In fact, remove the assumption that your family and friends are automatic support. Let them make that choice (and when they do, it is received with utmost gratitude). I believe that removing that expectation allows God to move in the hearts of people (family, friends and strangers alike) to see your work, vision & value and in turn freely support you.

  4. Don't compare. This is a major source of discouragement and doubt. And, the person who you are comparing yourself to may have a different set of resources at their disposal. Comparison sets you up for unnecessary pressure to produce something that may not be for you at that time. Be inspired by someone's work, but steward what you have well until you get more. Trust God with the results by placing full confidence in Him for what He's trusted you to do.

  5. Strive for EXCELLENCE, not perfection! Trying to be perfect is rooted in the fear that we are not good enough with what we have right now. Let go of perfectionism. We'll never be perfect in everything. However, excellence is available to all of us and it can be achieved!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and are encouraged to move beyond doubt and fear to achieve what you are called to do and be in this season!

To learn more about the mission of Love Covers You visit: Faith + Family + Friendships

Read more about the shop owner: Tamenika Collins

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3 comentarios

Go on girl continue that walk in excellence, you are a winner !!!

Write your heart out while you inspire others, its your BUSINESS...

Continue to BLOG ON striving for Excellence!!!

Angie E~

Me gusta

Great Read! I love everything about this!


Me gusta

I love this. Especially, the key take away about not taking things personal surrounding people who will and won't support you. Great write up!

--Dee Dee Dunigan

Me gusta
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